The services we offer

  • Brakes


    Brakes on any vehicle are extremely important for safety. We only use top quality replacement brake pads that come with…

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  • Engine Diagnostics and Emissions Repair

    Engine Diagnostics and Emissions Repair

    There are many different reasons that can cause your Check Engine light to come on. We use the latest technology…

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  • Maintenance and Servicing

    Maintenance and Servicing

    Proper maintenance of your vehicle is very important and can extend the life of your vehicle and prevent possible failures.…

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  • Misc


    Franko’s Auto offers a large variety of services, anything from having an Engine misc or Transmission replaced, Heating and Air…

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  • Heating and Air conditioning

    Heating and Air conditioning

    Having your heating and air conditioning system functioning properly can make the difference between an enjoyable drive and a miserable one. We…

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  • Electrical Body Repairs

    Electrical Body Repairs

    We do all types of electrical body repairs, whether your automatic door locks, windows, turn signals, headlights or windshield wipers…

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  • Tune Ups

    Tune Ups

    Bringing your car in for a tune up at its recommended mileage is very important in order to maintain your…

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  • Tires and Alignments

    Tires and Alignments

    We offer a wide variety of new tires and replacement rims for your vehicle. We also offer alignments, tire rotations,…

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  • Engine Repair

    Engine Repair

    We service anything from timing belts, drive belts, waterpumps, engine gaskets, intakes gasket, seals, hoses, fittings, and almost anything else…

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  • Starting and Charging systems

    Starting and Charging systems

    We service all different types of vehicle starting and charging systems. Whether your vehicle has a faulty starter or a…

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  • Suspension/Steering/Front end

    Suspension/Steering/Front end

    If your vehicle makes noise over bumps, shakes and/or pulsates while driving or braking, squeaks and/or grinds while stopping you…

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  • Oil Changes

    Oil Changes

    The specifics of performing an oil change vary from vehicle to vehicle. Knowing when, and how often, to change your…

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